Fairfield Piggery


Fairfield Piggeries is one of the N2P latest developments. The piggery is situated in the North Eastern Cape, between the towns of Indwe and Elliot.

Once complete, the piggery will consist of a Breeder unit, Weaner unit and the Grower and Finisher unit. All the units will be set out situated far enough from one another to ensure that all bio-security measures are met.

Late gestation will house 2500 sows in 3 buildings and early gestation will house 1200 sows in 2 buildings..the breeding site will be fully stocked in about 5 weeks

The Farrowing House will have 1 100 Sows and 4 buildings. Early gestation will house 1 200 sows and 2 building. Late gestation will house 2 500 sows and 3 buildings. The Gilt training will house 200 replacement gilts and 24 boars. Gilt development will house 800 replacement gilts and the weaner house on the breeding site will house 560 replacement weaner gilts. The mating building has space for 488 sows.240 will be mated every week in order for us to wean 220 sows every week.

The herd size will be the same as Chalala 1 and Chalala 2, around 4800 sows.

Images of Fairfield


Meet the Team


Jeff van Zyl

General Manager - New Projects

Juan- Jacquez Billy Richards

General Farm Manager

Otto Gouws

Grower Assistant Manager

Sinethemba Xaba

Farrowing Assistant Manager

Xolani Malinga

Grower Assistant Manager

Dennis Farayi

Farrowing Assistant Manager