About N2P


Number Two Piggeries (N2P) is a diversified agricultural holding company focusing on primary production and processing within the pork and dairy industry and employing a diverse workforce of >1 600 employees.

N2P was founded by David Osborne and David Miles in the 1970s and is headquartered in Queenstown, South Africa.

N2P is a significant primary agricultural producer in Southern Africa. The company is proud to be a market leader in pork production in South Africa.

The company is proud to be a market leader in South Africa with a ~23-24% market share, based on national sow herd and slaughter volumes respectively.

N2P does not however only operate in Piggeries and has diversified into other agricultural companies that compliment the piggery portfolio, as outlined below:



N2P have 26 piggeries across South Africa and Namibia, with >310 000 pigs of which more than 26 000 are sows. These bio secure piggeries range from Weaner and Grower farms to full Farrow to Finish units, and spread geographically across South Africa and Namibia. In addition, N2P has a significant interest in a market leading pig genetics company, PIC South Africa.



N2P have 4 abattoirs. These abattoirs slaughter most of the group's livestock, including 1 export approved facility based in the Western Cape, South Africa. The abattoirs are group owned and are managed abattoirs to slaughter most of the group’s livestock and add value to primary production.



N2P have 8 dairy units (some of them have more than one dairy/milking platform) producing > 195,000 litres per day. These dairies are all pasture based dairies, situated in the Eastern Cape and managed under the internal “Just Milk” brand. An operational cheese factory (Cookhouse Creamery) also forms part of the dairy division.



N2P have 2 750 hectares maize, 950 hectares soya and >3 500 beef cattle herd. These farms aim to maximize the utilisation of strategically positioned farms by adding crop (maize/corn and soya) and beef operations.

N2P has 34 facilities throughout South Africa and 4 in Namibia

Meet the Team

Howard Walker

Chairman of the Board

Theo Feuth

Chief Executive Officer

Renato Adams

Chief Financial Officer

Philip von Memerty

Head of Piggeries

Edgar Brotherton

Head of Dairies

Jack Miles

Head of Abattoirs

Dave Osborne

Non-Executive Board Member